UX Design

It's my job to come up with elegant solutions that make the user's experience on any platform both easy and appealing.
  • eBay Motors: The Road Home

    eBay Motors and TV show "West Coast Customs" filmed an episode in which four US vets won a custom car. An app and microsite featured show trailers.

  • Adobe Photo Nation

    For the product launch of Lightroom 5, Adobe envisioned a photosharing site where users could win a mentoring session with a noted photographer.

  • Kingsford

    For a summertime grilling sweepstakes, Kingsford invited users to check in via Google Maps and share what's on the barbie.

  • Glad

    Glad wanted a new Facebook page, a Facebook app that let users save friends' posts, as well as a fun mobile app to engage users around the brand.

  • MondoWindow

    Wondering about that view from the plane window? MondoWindow's website shows airline passengers on WiFi-enabled planes what they're flying over.

  • Golden Gate University

    GGU needed more storytelling about students, simplified organization of departmental programs and class schedules, as well as easier donation flow.

  • Clorox

    Clorox needed new architecture and design for their corporate site that served the needs of stakeholders with different priorities as well as multiple audiences.

  • Toshiba

    Toshiba wanted to help users research products before heading off to a retailer. Better product line delineation, progressive disclosure, and research tools helped.

  • Investors Business Daily

    How do you get a traditional financial newspaper to update it's web presence? Help them think outside the print model with interactive stories and research tools.